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Prepare styling products: the use of things, pure wax, dry fiber wax, wax spray, spray rigid (left) is a pure wax (center) dry fiber wax (right) hands palms rub the hand The wax evenly covered hands shaping type mobile human hair wigs for black women tips it back into place when you can come up with the texture of the reverse flow of hair, finger actually substantial action, largely completed a significant amount of fat hair flow with the whole head. 1. Handle open, and finger ended up standing in the way, from the bottom put his hand on his full lace human hair wigs, the hair root erected to wipe the inside of the plastic agent rub the hair. 2. while gently pulling the hair to fingertips, while the handle release, setting the hair flow and the amount of fat. 3. While grab hair from below, while the interaction with both hands, combing their blonde human hair wigs, but also on the inside back of the neck is coated with some of the modeling agent. 4. fingers through the curly human hair wigs, starting from the middle to the tail of the coated plastic agent. 5. tail caught in between your fingers and hold hands while Shulong hair, while surely get departure stream. 6. The head of curly weave human hair is sandwiched between the fingers. Forelock region moving forward, reverse hair flow of the hair and create the starting amount. 7. Squeeze the hair surface excess full lace wigs human hair, the fleas in human hair makes more supple. 8. The focus of the human hair weave stream catch up, spray some type of spray wax. 9. In the face of the line, not to the level of the way, but starting from slightly below the place sprayed onto a hard spray, the use of half wig human hair sprays fixed flow. 10. In order to hold the tail up human hair for crochet braids line, starting from slightly below where spray some hard spray.

Recently, Shiseido Professional human hair wigs for black women bring a new Tokyo 2014 Spring / Summer dyeing trend - dim color thin Ya. In a natural brown hair color, the mixed light pastel color system, and the overall tone is more mature and elegant, more feminine. Transparent, purer, pleasing shape, in spring and summer sun looks more compelling. Bise ocean bright and soft, fluffy like a wavy short hair, gives a feeling of vitality. Huangruo sea breeze hair, blue hair and green combination adds a dash of color. Beige is not overly formal artistic fashion styling, layered hair waves to make pure and ice coexist. Corals such as a touch of brown veil shrouded hair, bring a wonderful sheen and soft feel hazy. Journey mint fluffy hair waves like being spun breeze, giving quiet and vibrant look and feel. Mint is light brown hair and bring a little bit hazy. Coral rhythm soft edges made waves and yet adds a rhythm to this quiet and avant-garde style. Coral reddish brown hair in a feminine gloss shine. Cha intellectual sleek short human hair weave neat but prominent personality, people seem sophisticated. Olive brown hair color looks soft but lightweight, people full of maturity and intellectual atmosphere. Orange blossom slightly curled short hair makes women look elegant and full of flavor. Orange-brown shadow reflected soft sheen, like micro Xu warm sun of spring. Noble and elegant solid color can often create a hazy feeling, the new season of elegant solid color series color elegant and full of femininity, soft luster and translucent texture of short human hair wigs for black women to bring a hint of spring-like freshness. In this season of spring to trace infected full lace human hair wigs so that they look vibrant.

Fun British style - Jiake deconstruction modeling series shocked the market! Maybe you are the shape of people, under the spotlight, shine is your attitude; maybe you are dreamers tour the world, looking at the colorful world of unique, rejected boring monotonous life; or you are just ordinary traveler, but but the desire to release the soul alter ego! If you want to express your personality, JOICO Jiake new modeling series deconstruction, to help you achieve unrestrained imagination. Just a little deconstructed styling, human hair lace front wig can not create nothing! Cool Fun Twist gum 100mL can turn flexibility and freedom to shape the hair, soft and easy to apply, matte finish, easy to build "just get messy as natural" effect. How to use: Apply on wet hair / dry hair, make styling. ★★ Sculpt texture matte hair clay modeling 100mL soft, effective stereotypes and give shape after: stereotypes index. How to use: Apply on semi-dry / dry hair, make styling. Stereotypes index: ★★ Glue Coldplay viscose 150mL bring powerful force shaping your style, perfect freeze-frame modeling, to create a sense of Jun cold, zero gravity modeling. How to use: Apply on the Semi hair, were modeling. Stereotypes index: ★★★★★ Dust Matte Powder Puff Powder Puff 14g magic to create air fluffy virgin human hair more three-dimensional light. Usage: light sprinkle to wet or dry human hair lace front wigs for black women scalp area with your fingers lifted the cheap human hair extensions styling. Stereotypes index: ★★ Finish Hair Spray 350mL strengthen freeze for the final step in modeling, and maintain long-term modeling results, lasting sense of shape. Usage: evenly sprayed from the milky way human cheap human hair bundles 20-750px. Stereotypes index: ★★★★

Barber shop owner friends accidentally bitter fruit WASHINGTON (Reporter correspondent Wang Yi Ma Hui) own and license the name to let a friend to open a barber shop, only to have escaped on foot after a friend that he also has friends owe. "But the big hair" Wang Aoyama shop owner, because the wrong friends helpless "eat" the bitter pill. Ms. Hou Xu, who lives in Wuchang, and some time ago, to unite Avenue "to big cheap human hair extensions style" haircut shop, unable to withstand the clerk repeated persuasion and inducement, Miss Hou recharge 1000 yuan, to do a VIP card. Unexpectedly, the store suddenly closed in July this year, remaining within their own card 900 yuan useless, so please help the business sector to recover losses. Business people a check, name famous in the "to big" human hair wigs with bangs salon, a total of more than 20 in Wuhan, in which "can be as large" five stores Solidarity Avenue and Aoyama stores, are the same person, the person in charge license king boss. Business people find Wong, Wong also complain incessantly. He told the business staff, his friend Wu, want "to big" this name, he was "talking about loyalty to friends", on their own behalf, to do the Avenue of solidarity "to big" license, also lent Wu 100,000 yuan as start-up capital, own only 5% of the shares, Wu is the real owner of Avenue of solidarity. Wu escaped closed, leaving 150,000 in debt. According to regulations, the debt of individual licenses, the license shall be in charge of Wang boss bear. After mediation by the business staff, Wang boss ombre human hair extensions contacted the unity Avenue wire Arts Salon, "silk art" owner agrees to let Miss Hou and other card customer, the "silk art" shop consumption.